Aligned with 8 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, CIDS are the places

where we create the future we dream of. They're spaces built by and for the

community in which we grant access to technology, education and entrepreneurship

to achieve our main goal: creating life-changing opportunities with the power to end poverty. Through Philan-therapy, we make our CIDS the perfect space for the community's needs to be heard and its talents to be discovered. Offering a different and more permanent type of help that will then go on to encourage and motivate the community to become self-sustainable by awakening sleeping self esteems, igniting co-creation and reshaping its own future.

We prove every project

Each cent you help us raise gets tracked, and every project we build gets shown with photos , GPS, and progress report

We are an open book

We are proud to have consistently received the highest grades available for accountability and transparency

100% goes to the field

Private donors cover our operating costs, so, 100% of your money can fund the CIDS that'll reshape the future.

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Our mission




Cindy Toledo is a social worker with an emphasis on non-profit organization management as well as a certified professional in the treatment and prevention of child abuse from the University of Central Florida. Her international career has taken her to many places where she's worked hard to develop social strategies that improve the quality of life for communities in countries like Botswana, Peru, Haiti, Nicaragua, Colombia, and the United States. Some of her projects or previous works include:

* Participation as a board member for the International Medical Outreach foundation, where she  led five social development missions in different countries and was the pioneer for the Moringa Haiti project. 
* Coordination of the social aspects of reintegrating war veterans into society in the Soldiers to Scholars foundation.
* Research assistant on health disparities in vulnerable populations for the National Institute of Health. 


In 2015 Cindy founded her organization, Mambe Org, dedicated to ending poverty by creating Centers of Innovation and Sustainable Development (CIDS) in vulnerable communities around the globe. Social work has always been her passion, and her seven years of professional experience in the public and social sectors have only fueled her drive for making the world a fairer and better place.


We know it´s important to you that your donation us being used effectively. It´s important to us, too. That´s why we work hard to receive the highest grades available gor accountability and transpararency.