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Cimarron was Mambe's first project. It was created in 2015 through philan-therapy, and it ended up being the prototype for what we now believe to be the way to end poverty: our CIDS (Centers of Innovation and Sustainable Development).

Initially called The Great Maloka, this project aimed to capture the essence of the traditional and ancestral longhouses found in indigenous villages along the Amazon. And in doing so, it became a place for the Cimarron community to grow stronger and more empowered to make its needs, dreams, and ideas heard again.


First Steps

At the very beginning, we dove deep into the issues and problems affecting the community and tried to really understand the essence of its people to embrace change and transformation from within.

Creating oportunities

During the second phase of our project we realized that in order for dreams to come true, the community needed a safe space where they could feel empowered and regain confidence in themselves.

Bringing dreams to life

Once the community began making this space their own, we saw with our own eyes the power of what we now call CIDS. This place gave the community a chance to gather, to create and to channel their energy  towards life-changing projects

Ending poverty

Our biggest success in Cimarron was the understanding of the CIDS as a key element towards the eradication of poverty. In this prototype is where projects began to sprout, confidence became tangible and dreams lead the way towards a future without poverty

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thanks to your help we reshape the community 

Wellbeing, basic health

4 projects created

250 children beneffited

Food Security

3 projects created

150 people beneffited

Infraestructure projects

3 projects created

650 people beneffited

Social and Community

3 projects created

650 people 


Income generation

4 projects created

35 families beneffited

Download more details about all the 16 projects here

With your help we've impacted 8 of 17 sdg's

  • End poverty in all  its forms

  • End hunger and ensure food security

  • Secure healthy lives and promote well-being for all

  • Achieve gender equality and empowering women

  • Guarantee accessibility to clean water

  • Create resilient infrastructures

  • Encourage responsible production and consumption 

"Thanks to the foundation, the neighbours now tell each other beautiful things. They love each other, they help each other and they defend each other"

                                                                                                                               John, 15 years old, Sikuani ethnicity Cimarron Community

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