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Where philan-therapy transforms the future


Concordia is Mambe's ongoing project. Located to the left of the Inirida river in the Guainia region of the Amazon, Concordia is a vulnerable community we are actively working to transform. Through our Philan-therapy methodology we've managed to begin the process towards a stronger future and we're confident that with your help and our passion we can reshape the future of its community.

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Diagnosis and approach

Understanding the community is always our first step. To do so we analyzed the community's main issues or needs, its strengths and its traditions. We also began our 'democractic labs', a dynamic designed to include the community's ideas and thoughts into Mambe's development process.

Building the change

After understanding the community in a wholesome manner, we created a space for development, education, innovation and opportunities to emerge. This place is our CIDS, which began its design and cretion in July 2019

The home of philantherapy

With your help, our CIDS "Casa Kuwai" will soon be built and it'll be a center for innovation, sustainable development, and philan-therapy. In it we dream of empowering the community and harbouring their ideas into projects and plans that help end  poverty one dream at a time.


Leaving our mark in the future

Once our CIDS is built and the projects created in it are up and running we plan on staying committed to the sustainability of Mambe's intervention in the community through the measurement and follow up of the projects KPI's

Get to know all the changes we've made so far in the Concordia community, and don't forget you can be a part of our mission to reshape their future

Imagining the CIDS

The initial studies, the architecture design and the preliminary works have been completed

Philan-therapy in action

170 hours of philan-therapy have been implemented, resulting in 80% of the community being part of our Democratic Labs

Building Casa Kuwai 

The resources for 30% of all the materials needed to build our CIDS have already been raised.

Income generation projects

We already have 3 projects in an incubation period

 that improve and involve the community

Colaborative iniciatives

We've created alliances with other organizations such as SENA, or Artesanias de Colombia to ensure sustainabilty.

Donate today to help us build a stronger tomorrow for them

CONCORDIa month to month

Your help is the strength that allows us to reshape their future


July 2019

Architecture designs

Aug-Sept 2019

Raising funds for building materials

Oct-Jan 2020

Phase I - Building of the CIDS

Feb-Marc 2020

Covid crisis aid campaign

May-Aug 2020

Adquisition of materials

Sep-Jan 2021

Phase I - Building of the CIDS

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