1 out of 4 people on the planet lives in poverty.  

And the only way we can overcome this alarming reality, is by creating social and entrepreneurial opportunities with the power to strengthen vulnerable communities and reshape their future.


Meet our Center for Innovation and Sustenaible Development (CIDS)


WHAT are our CIDS?

CIDS are centers in which we work with the community to create an environment of opportunities and entrepreneurship.


HOW are our CIDS?

Through on-site philan-therapy, CIDS are centers where the community’s needs are heard, its talents are encouraged, and its people are empowered.

WHERE are our CIDS?

CIDS are at the core of vulnerable communities facing poverty in developing countries.


WHY do we create CIDS?

In them, we allow the community to reshape its future by making technology and innovation available, creating income opportunities, and developing entrepreneurship projects



Aligned with 8 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, CIDS are the places where we create the future we dream of. They're spaces built by and for the community in which we grant access to technology, education and entrepreneurship to achieve our main goal: creating life-changing opportunities with the power to end poverty.


Through Philan-therapy, we make our CIDS the perfect space for the community's needs to be heard and its talents to be discovered. Offering a different and more permanent type of help that will then go on to encourage and motivate the community to become self-sustainable by awakening sleeping self esteems, igniting co-creation and reshaping its own future

Our CIDS build a sustainable future without poverty

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