Philan-therapy is the way in which we understand and see the world

It's also the way we are going to change it.

Philan-therapy embodies the beauty of a purpose driven life and it is the manner in which we build and reshape the future of vulnerable communities.  Philan-therapy is the belief that each individual has the power to positively impact the quality of life of those in need, as well as their own.

What is the power of philan-therapy?

Both as a methodology and as a way of living, philan-therapy is based on the practice of searching within for that which will make the world a better place. It encourages weaknesses to be seen as opportunities, it works towards honest, permanent and sustainable changes and it pushes those who believe in it to never forget the power of their own purposes.


how does philan-therapy work?

Philan-therapy is based on four pillars: empowerment, innovation, culture and resilience. It is a methodology designed to awaken sleeping self esteems, activate innate talents and restore the creative power of a community by understanding its true essence.

the 4 stages of philan-therapy

Democratic Labs

What is it? The state where change begins to happen.

How does it work? Through workgroups in a brainstorming exercise that will lead to understanding the communities needs and strengths in a wholesome way.

What comes out of it? Endless possibilities and the beauty of giving the communities' dreams a chance to be heard

Mobilizing Leadership

What is it? The creation of custom-based solutions to empower the community

How does it work? Once the main issues and the causes behind these are understood, Mambe's agents design and structure possible and tangible solutions for the community

What comes out of it?

Ideas, plans, actions and paths that will work towards ending the poverty cycle.

Transforming Society

What is it? The community reconnects with their essence  in order to take actions towards the future.

How does it work? With the community's involvement, we work to remind them of their motivations and to transform solutions into specific actions and projects.

What comes out of it? A sense of belonging, a renewed hope, and a society that truly believes in itself

Agents of Change

What is it? The moment where we look back and see all that we've achieved.

How does it work? Through a comprehensive analysis of the process, we highlight all the changes and establish a new reference point that'll help towards a better future

What comes out of it? A Mambe graduation ceremony designed to empower, recognize, and celebrate the community's efforts.

philantherapists in action and territory

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